The goal as Architects, Engineers and Town-planners should be to plan for peaceful co-existence with nature and not ‘over’ protection from ‘hostile’ site conditions.   

 The proposed development should attempt:

- to minimise its ecological foot-print on earth

- to support favourable habitat for species, esp. insects and birds

- to minimise additional resource requirements to plan – operate – maintain

- to minimise waste (solid, liquid, gases as well as noise) generated during construction and post-occupancy

Excessive dependence of chemicals and pesticides is further damaging the fragile eco-system and destroying the ‘microbiome’ in and around us.  One should avoid ‘sealing’ of towns and buildings.  Further, one should attempt to make a sound analysis of the available bounties of nature in terms of sun – wind – rain - others in order to strengthen the ‘passive’ utilities and energies of the project.